Clone Wars Talk (Part 17) | MORTIS | Balance of the Force - What it means! | George Lucas

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Summary: The balance of the force, it means so many things to so many fans. But what does George Lucas say about it? What does it really mean? And how does the prophecy of the Chosen One fit into all of this? We watched and deciphered some of the crazy metaphors in the Mortis trilogy, three episodes of Star Wars The Clone Wars that mean so much to fans, and so much to George and his narrative of the Force. Nothing gets better than this. So let's watch the next episodes on our chronological journey through the clone wars series and then chat with Diego and Josh about it. Here's the episodes for today: 59 315 Overlords | Stream on Disney+ 60 316 Altar of Mortis | Stream on Disney+ 61 317 Ghosts of Mortis | Stream on Disney+ What do you think of the sequels? Would Duel of Fates be your more preferred film script now having seen these clone wars episodes?How did you think of the balance of the force before hearing George Lucas tell us all about it?How can we improve the podcast for you as a listener? Let us know! @SWEscapePodcast - send us a voice memo! Those 5 star reviews help us out quite a bit if you can! May the force be with you!