Clone Wars Talk (Part 21) | Return to Naboo & C3-PO

Star Wars Escape Pod show

Summary: Season 4 is well on it's way and we watch three more episodes of Clone Wars to chat about in our ongoing binge! Anthony Daniels is just C3-PO and 2/3 of the episodes we watched today pay great homage to that characters legacy, so we spend a bit of time to critique these slightly slower episodes and also pay respect to Anthony who's played 3-PO dedicatedly for over 40 years. Thanks Anthony.Here are the episodes we watched today: 70 404 Shadow Warrior | Stream on Disney+ 71 405 Mercy Mission | Stream on Disney+ 72 406 Nomad Droids | Stream on Disney+ For a complete list of episodes in chronological order, visit this link: STAR WARS BACKDROPS! We want to hear from you guys, get in touch with us below! And send this show to a friend! And 5 stars always helps! @SWEscapePodcast theescapepod@outlook.comĀ - send us a voice recording, comments, questions, anything! May the force be with you guys. Stay healthy out there!