851 » Lease Options In Real Estate SIMPLIFIED

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Summary: <p>There are so many reasons that someone would opt for a lease option, but they just need someone to structure that deal for them. Even if you have no capital, you can still get into real estate by structuring these deals between sellers and tenant buyers. Lease options are one of the easiest and fastest ways to become an investor without holding a ton of mortgages.<br> <br>A lease option can be very attractive to a seller who doesn’t have a lot of equity in a home, and they need to sell it, but they can’t afford to even pay the Realtor commission. I am strongly, strongly opposed to those people that teach that you should put a tenant buyer in the house only if they can pay you the most money. Everybody should win in a lease option deal.<br> <br>There are three centers of profit on a lease option; cash now, cash flow, and cash later. This gives you the flexibility to create any deal that is attractive to the seller. You can afford to be flexible because you’re going to make money no matter how the deal is structured.<br> <br>10-15% of homeowners right now have little to no equity right now, and some of them even have negative equity. As we move into a recession, I talk about why lease options will become more popular and easier for investors to do. This is a great thing, and not something to worry about.<br> <br>Because I really want you to understand how simple and easy this is, I break down a deal I might offer for a great house in Nashville, and how I would structure that offer. I show you what a sandwich lease offer, a lease offer, and a wholesaling lease offer look like.<br> <br>I really think that lease options are one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money in real estate, so I want to invite you to join my free webinar. I go into a lot more detail about lease options, including free calculators and spreadsheets for you to figure out what a win-win-win situation looks like for the houses that you find.<br> <br>What's Inside:<br> <br>—What exactly is a lease option?<br> <br>—The many benefits of a tenant-buyer, including their own sweat equity.<br> <br>—What’s attractive about a lease option to a seller?<br> <br>—Why would a tenant-buyer want a lease option?<br> <br>—Build a portfolio of homes with little to nothing down as an investor.<br> <br>—All of the many, many benefits of lease options to YOU.<br> </p>