Episode 098 - Money in the Voiceover World

Voiceover Stories - Real, Raw, and Relevant show

Summary: Hi friends! Happy Thursday. A new month means a new theme! This month, I'm talking...MONEY! This month, we'll be talking about voiceover rates, knowing your personal worth and more. I'll be talking with experts in both voiceover and finance. With guests like Maria Pendolino and Sarah Van Bargen, you won't want to miss any of this month's episodes! Today, however, I'm chatting about why I chose money as this month's theme. I see it all the time - VO talent (including myself) spending a ton of money building a voiceover career, only to hit a low. Listen in as I chat through how to get comfortable with your finances, and how it can affect your career. New episodes of VO Stories, every Thursday.