DailyRootz! 06/11/12 Sponsored By Swappa! - Jun 11,2012

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Summary: Unofficial AOKP releases everywhere! The AT&T HTC One X, Asus tf300t Transformer, Samsung T-Mobile Hercules, Samsung Galaxy TAB, Acer Iconia A200, Droid Vigor, and many many more devices have unofficial AOKP builds going. Remember, RootzWiki, myself, Team Kang, or your mom aren't responsible for what you do with your device... you are. Head over to the AOKP forums and see if your device is supported! http://goo.gl/5daGT According to the NQ Mobile Security Research Center (NQMSRC), there is new malware threat impacting Android device users. The malware, known as DDSpy, disguises itself as Gmail and then steals a user's personal information. http://goo.gl/Nzflf Weve been doing a whole lot of speculation regarding a Google/ASUS branded tablet, which will be aimed at the budget consumer, and bring a stock Android experience to the masses. Now, an ASUS representative at Computex has let slip the first semi-official word that this device does indeed exist, and that well be seeing it unveiled very soon. Stay tuned to your Rootz channel for all the details. http://goo.gl/B2N9k Thanks to Swappa for sponsoring today's podcast, check them out at www.swappa.com for the very best way to buy or sell gently used Android devices.