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Summary: It looks like AOKP has put together Build 39 for their supported devices... and there's a bunch of unofficial ports to other devices. One of those is for the ASUS Transformer Prime... updates in Build 39 adds New device tree based on TripNDroids tree (thanks TripNDroid!), tree modified to work with AOKP, and various fixes made by myself and my OneX Teammate Deniz. Since there is SO much AOKP news out on the forums I'd suggest heading over there and doing a general search for AOKP! http://goo.gl/Dfi3h Ice Cream Sandwich Wins Best Platform in Parsons User Experience Awards. Thanks to James Cushing for the article, check it out and read more on the front page of RootzWiki.com http://goo.gl/IiKkV How do you use your NFC feature? Just from the stock phone experience, you can use Google Wallet, Android Beam, and NFC Tags. However, it is likely the average consumer with a NFC enabled device might not know what a NFC tag is or how to use it. Read more by Derek De La Cruz on the front page of RootzWiki.com http://goo.gl/cB6wV Verizon Wireless announced this week that on June 28th the wireless carrier will start offering their Share Everything Plans. Once Share Everything plans go live, all grandfathered Verizon Wireless customers who currently have unlimited an unlimited data plan will be required to migrate to a Share Everything plan or a tiered data plan - once they sign a new 2 year contract. There is discussion about Share Everything going on in the RootzWiki Forums. Read more there, and thanks to Ed Waters for the news! http://goo.gl/kIuEK Thanks to Swappa for sponsoring today's podcast, check them out at www.swappa.com for the very best way to buy or sell gently used Android devices. They are also doing a tweet to win contest for a Kindle Fire! There's instructions on the front page of swappa.com, take a few seconds to get your entry in!