Alison Taylor on Corporate Social Responsibility and Compliance [Podcast]

Compliance Perspectives show

Summary: <a href=""></a><br> <a href=""></a><br> By Adam Turteltaub<br><br> Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) poses an interesting conundrum for compliance and ethics professionals.  Both CSR and compliance are, or should be, firmly grounded in an organization’s values.  But from there things start to diverge.  Compliance is charged with doing what is required, typically by law.  CSR, though, has a broader mandate.<br> As <a href="">Alison Taylor</a>, Managing Director, Sustainability Management at <a href="">Business for Social Responsibility</a> explains, CSR is a series of processes to ensure that corporations pay attention to existing and emerging social concerns about the environment and other issues, including human rights.<br> This may seem a bit abstract, but in practice many CSR issues – think anti-corruption and human trafficking/modern slavery – become compliance issues over time.<br> In her podcast with us, she provides her thoughts about what CSR is and isn’t, some of the challenges it has, and how CSR and compliance teams can and should work together.<br> She also shares insight into the hot CSR topics that may soon be compliance issues.<br> Listen in to better understand what every compliance professional should know about CSR, and potential emerging compliance risk areas.<br>