Turning years of pain and trauma into immense passion and joy with a human trafficking prevention charity, with Catherine Wilson

The Tony Robbins Impact Podcast - Personal Stories of Transformation show

Summary: <p>Episode 16 - Catherine Ann Wilson shares her traumatic story about her childhood and how this led to her founding a charity Stoptrafficking US. Catherine went through years of childhood pain and trauma and credits Tony Robbins with becoming her guiding light when she struggled to gain meaning again. Through various though leaders Catherine managed to work through her pain and eventually attended Date With Destiny in Palm Beach.</p> <p>Throughout the episode Catherinee shares her work with her charity STOP Trafficking US. </p> <p>Please see the details here:</p> <p>https://www.stoptraffickingus.org</p> <p>If you have a minute and are loving the show, please leave a review or like the Facebook page! If not just find me and DM, I’d love to hear your experience with Tony or soon to be experience.</p> <p>Facebook - www.facebook.com/TRimpact</p> <p>Instagram - @tonyrobbinsimpact</p> <p>Host Cameron allen - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=551202541</p>