PodPudding Show 5

PodPudding show

Summary: Welcome to the 5th show of PodPudding. It's been a very rewarding experience doing these shows and the best part is we've only begun! Along the way we've been making some great friends and have discovered some fantastic music. A great example of that are the acts we've featured in this show. In fact, we had a difficult time choosing which of their tunes to not put on. After recording the whole show, we went back, edited it and put in another song from Menwhopause which originally had been excluded. Though this decision resulted in a longer show, we felt it was the right choice. Here's the playlist: Menwhopause ( "www.menwhopause.com" ) : Flyaway, Traveling Blues James Starbuck : ( "www.jamessarbuck.com" ) : Thank you Menwhopause : The Story Begins, Father Monologue To all unsigned / indie rock bands out there, keep sending us your music and demo packages so that we may feature YOU! For more info, please check out our site at "www.freewebs.com/podpudding". Our e-mail is "podpudding@gmail.com". Thanks for listening!!!