EARTHCORE Episode #40

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Summary: Patrick O’Doyle is badly wounded, but Bertha Lybrand is in even worse shape. Her KoolSuit has failed and she’s dying of heat exposure. They just came across Angus Kool, who is tied up with copper wire after being tortured by Kayla Meyers. He is helpless, at O’Doyle’s mercy. Kayla is farther down in the tunnels tracking down Connell Kirkland, who is carrying her bullet in his leg. Kayla needs to finish him off before she tracks down Veronica Reeves. Veronica is inside the ship, about to lower a bomb deep into the earth … a bomb that will kill everyone. Don't see a "play" button above? Click here to download. This epic episode is also brought to you courtesy of GoDaddy Coupon page, which features the 99-cent new dot-com code CJCSIG99C. The post EARTHCORE Episode #40 appeared first on