The Storytelling Drama of Combat Sports

Scott Sigler Audiobooks show

Summary: "But fights aren't stories," you say? WRONG-O, FISH-BREATH! Companies like the UFC are exceptional storytellers, creating tales with live performers and unwritten endings. A discusses her initial dismissal and disdain for combat sports, and how she's come to change her mind. Scott talks about how getting punch in the mouth can lead one to discovering proper, civilized behavior. They both use UFC Fight Night 143 to discuss how these real-life storylines play out, with all the drama, violence, sacrifice and the built-in "Hero's Journey" path. Don't see a "play" button above? Click here to download. This StorySmack brought to you by our promo code page. Hate waiting in line at the post office? Print real USPS postage with your printer, brah! The post The Storytelling Drama of Combat Sports appeared first on