My Bloody Valentine

Scott Sigler Audiobooks show

Summary: Happy Valentine's Day Junkies! We're doing our best to stay on-brand and still celebrate love. You know, like the love of a great 80s slasher flick! Scott & A sat down this week to watch this 1981 horror … classic. It comes out pretty early on in the 80s slasher heyday, and it's full of all that goodness: goofy plot devices, loads of teenagers sinnin', plenty of gore and lots and lots of violence. All with great set design, some solid bloody prop work, and the world's best dog actor. Don't see a "play" button above? Click here to download. This StorySmack is sponsored in part by the scifi/crime drama/American Football story the Galactic Football League. It's STAR WARS meets THE GODFATHER meets THE BLINDSIDE. The post My Bloody Valentine appeared first on