EARTHCORE Episode #38

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Summary: Kayla Meyers’ future is on the line as she descends deeper into the Linus Highway, looking for Angus Kool and any other survivors. Angus is almost out of the hellhole that is the Dense Mass Cavern and the maze of tunnels. Finally, Angus and Kayla will meet face-to-face. Veronica, Connell, Bertha and O’Doyle are still in the tunnels, in an underground, river being washed through the ancient wreck of the rocktopi ship. Bertha and O’Doyle are at death’s door, barely hanging on. Veronica burns at the loss of Sanji — will she find a way to get revenge? Don't see a "play" button above? Click here to download. This episode is partially sponsored by our Audible Free Trial page. The post EARTHCORE Episode #38 appeared first on