#32 Tom Libelt Founder of Smart Brand Marketing

Fail Fast Podcast show

Summary: Born in Communist Poland, Tom Libelt moved to the US in the 90s<br> Tom Libelt<br> He’s had over 1500 blogs running google ads, he launched over 5000 books (yes 5000), he did a documentary and was number #1 hip-hop artist in Poland and had 4 more songs in the top charts!<br> A sound engineer in New York who became the top Hip Hop artist in Poland and controlled the charts for over a year<br> By the age of 7.. he was smuggling liquor back into the country (was supposed to cry and scream if the immigration wanted to check).<br> Tom Libelt’s first computer was a Commodore 64!!!<br> FIRST BUSINESS VENTURES<br> Tom Libelt ran a record store with two older friends.<br> Became a DJ and played at colleges, bars, radio stations, clubs, and raves got an internship at Unique Recording Studios in NY.<br> In NY created a group, rapped and engineered the music.<br> <br>Had 3 hits in the top 10 on the local polish radio… one was #1 for almost a year.<br> Read the 4 Hour Workweek and couldn’t get the idea of being location independent out of my head.<br> Moved to Atlanta and bought a coffee shop in the suburbs. Ran that for almost a year but…<br> Tom Libelt was browsing the web and heard about Adsense Niche sites. Created a couple… made a few dollars and started pumping out around 50 every month.<br> <br> “Six months later I made my first $1,000 and after that had months where I hit close to $10,000…”<br> “One of the blog networks that I used for SEO became too popular and Google shut it down. That left me with 1,500+ blog posts and a team of writers with nothing to do.<br> I told them to start writing books and left them alone. That became profitable and we went on to writing 5,000+ books and making $250,000+”<br> <br> Tom’s businesses were running well and he became bored. Got a great team together and we made a documentary about the realities of building/running businesses when on the road.<br> Watch it here: https://yourownwayout.com/<br>  <br> PODCASTING<br> Over the last few years, I got into podcasting.<br> <a href="https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/smart-brand-marketing-podcast-online-business-content/id877860884?mt=2">Smart Brand Marketing</a><br><a href="https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/we-create-online-courses-show-where-we-live-breathe/id1318154458?mt=2">We Create Online Courses</a><br><a href="https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/crypto-moon-radio-asking-difficult-questions-about/id1343165155?mt=2">Crypto Moon Radio</a><br> Interviewed JLD and Ezra Firestone, Ryan Danial Moran<br> NEW VENTURE<br> I took my new marketing skills to help others build online courses and market them<br> We can create an online course for you in 14 hours of your time.<br>  <br>  <br> Questions<br> What platform do you use to get clients?<br> How many people do you have working for you? All Vas?<br> Do you sell physical products or all digital?<br> Do you have your own courses or just promote clients courses?<br> Ask about creating courses in 14 hours<br> Best course platforms (CF, Udemy, Thinkific, teachable, etc)<br> Have you heard of google course builder (edu.google.com) what is it?<br> Pre-selling what the best way to pre-sell, how can you show guarantees<br> Reviews testimonials and feedback on the course before launching?<br> Keywords:<br> online course creation, online course marketing, online courses, market online courses<br> <br> <br> <br>