084 AUH - Racing Etihad, Priority idiocy, Joon FML, Fog shutdown, Lufthansa Goose, Air France bread

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Summary: Flight 084. The Epic Etihad Flight Comparison. The Never-ending Frankfurt Airport Disaster. The Unexpected CDG Layover Trust. The Renewed A220 Divider Saga. The Astonishing Tyson v Fury Priority Gate Fight. The Great Pizza Lounge Search. The Surprising Fog Safety Shutdown. The Memorable Rothschild Peeing Dog. The Forever Gone Joon BS Experiment. The Clever Peak Design Travel Bag. The Succulent Lufthansa Goose Tradition. The Unforeseen BA Lounge Food Amelioration. The Endlessly Funny Visa Gate Wait. The Incredible Al Fursan Air Show. The Unhoped For Moronic Airport Scooters. The Idiotic Early AA LHR Move. The Uncertain Shared Window Courtesy. The Funny HEL ad. The Divinely Graceful AUH Tower. The Unsurprising Blurriness of Flight Experiences.