Founder of The Massive Action Movement Prinston Hicks

Fail Fast Podcast show

Summary: Founder of The Massive Action Movement Prinston Hicks<br> Digital marketing, Search engine optimization, business development, online marketing<br> He is a digital marketing expert who has consulted with million dollars companies and started his business from the back room of his mother’s house.<br> He is dedicated to creating a future where people have total control over their life.<br><br> He is the Founder of The Massive Action Movement<br><br> Prinston Hicks<br> How did you get started as an entrepreneur?<br><br> What do you think entrepreneurship will mean to society in the future?<br><br> What do you think is important for any aspiring entrepreneur to know?<br> Who are some influencers that have helped you?<br> What impact do you want to leave on the world?<br> Website:<br> Instagram: @prinstonhicks<br>  <br> Favorite book: <a href="">An Iron Will </a><a href="">Book by Orison Swett Marden</a><br>