Episode 120 of "Library of the Living Dead Podcast" - I'm Baaaaaack

The "Library of the Living Dead" Podcast show

Summary: Sorry it's taken so long to get a new podcast up Good Librarians. I'v4:19 had some health issues but am on the mend now. I plan on putting out a podcast every week or so, kinda like back in the old days. In this podcast here's what you get for free: 0:00 - "Zombie" by Steve Cain 4:19 - Doc's Intro 5:51 - "Letter From The Dead" - ZombieSurvivor 13:53 - "Zombie Bitches" - by BadNrad 19:24 - Tonia Brown's "Lucky Stiff" - Chapter 2 Part 2 40:21 - "Zombie Creatures" by Angie & the Car Wrecks 44:14 - Calvin Miller's "Zombies Survival Guide" Part 2 50:43 - "Zombie" - by Holocaust Haters 55:03 - Lori Titus' "Lazarus" Part 1 1:07:37 - Doc's Out Comments 1:08:38 - "Zombie Jamboree" by GrooveBarbers Please visit us at the forum: libraryofthelivingdead.lefora.com I hope you enjoy the show! Undead love, Doc