082 TXL - United fans, BrewDog 767, best First food, new IST, A3 fun, A220 dividers, HK Express EDTO

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Summary: Flight 082. The fans of United reach out to us (and we get why). Tinder for …airlines (you'll get why). Cathay gets hacked, but continues to shine with a brilliant passenger experience. BA is still embroiled in its hack (voucher anyone?), offers a garish boarding experience (Alex used the term morgue!), but its new food provider is a total win (the best ever?). Aegean flight attendants surround Paul on stage (what a fun experience, you're awesome, A3!). The CS100 / A220 divider mystery is resolved and we nail the seat you should choose on the Delta 220. Banning alcohol at airport? No problem, BrewDog brings beers and food to its own 767 (why didn't we invest???). What does EDTO mean? We've got one cheeky definition and the real one. Integrations that don't truly are: Lufthansa and Eurowings (but cool uniforms!), Iberia and British Airways. Elon Musk solves the London runway situation. We solve the airport bus strategy. IST gets a magnificent new airport (on-time-ish). MEX will never get its own. And Berlin TXL, how to say this? Randomly throw LEGO pieces and you'll have its layout.