081 BUR - One World infighting, Emirates stalling, United manure, JFK refurb, TWA Connie bar, 777UA

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Summary: Flight 081. Which was first, the CX 777 or the vanity 777UA? Will Hunter knows. Is Emirates stalling the 380s order a ploy to on-board Etihad? Only a rumor, we know, but let us play conspiracy please. How did Jet Airways get a lifeline this time? As long as they pressurize their planes. Do immigration e-gates give you anxiety? The tale of Jason Bourne (both Paul and Alex have their passports locked in a safe in Zurich!). Is it possible to do a layover at LCY? Alex proves it. What lounges offer lounge ironing services at their arrival lounges? It's a magical service from Narnia. Does shit still happen at United? Yes, yuck, and baby do cry, dear UA. Who took over Primera Air to launch the A321LR? We had never heard of them. What did Al-Baker say this time about One World? A lot, but he still invests in all of OW members. Who beat BA across the Atlantic? That's an easy one to guess. How do you tell the age of the aircraft you're in? Very easy for Airbus, a little more work for the others. Will JFK become better? There's finally hope. Will the Delta A220 differ from those in Europe? Yes. Who got fined for keeping their planes too hot? WE KEEP TELLING YOU AIR VENTS ARE ESSENTIAL!