Chap. 17: Little Bird Told Me: A Mystic Podcast Novel and Free Audiobook

Little Bird Told Me: A Mystic Podcast Novel and Audio Book show

Summary: Hello. This is John Rhodes. This is my podcast novel entitled : “Little Bird Told Me”, and you will hear the 17th chapter which is called: “A Family Stepping Forward: The DNA Message”. In this chapter I discuss DNA testing. No matter how critical I can get of Timothy Leary, and no matter how vacuous I think his ploy was, his ploy was a good one…teaching that we could all be aware through transcendental experience of the DNA message. In his case he experienced this with LSD, but many have experienced this without drugs. This idea that one can be totally right, as if the spirit was made flesh, where truth becomes manifest, is now less of a fleeting experience than it was in the sixties. We have unlocked the scientific truths of DNA, so people can un-mask fakes who act falsely as if they are most absolute in their righteousness and perfection. I suspect though that most anyone can be fooled, even scientists, and just as there are stereotypical truths on every level of sociological and philosophical knowledge, I believe they will find flaws in DNA testing. I believe that there are backrooms in every form of science and spirit. Later I briefly address one of the more obvious flaws in DNA testing…but I think they will find more, less obvious flaws. Timothy Leary presented himself as having the great ancient DNA message within him, and I don’t think he will be the last person to fool mankind into believing that the truth pulsates in their veins, while all the time they are blatant farces