079 YVR - BA hack, jet lag gurus, Emiratihad, American coach, GVA runway, Qantas Sunrise, Canada!

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Summary: Flight 079. BA adds another IT meltdown to its collection, Alex experienced it. Emirates and Etihad seem closer than ever (or are they?). Air Canada is very …Canadian. The Air France CEO is also Canadian (and unions aren't so happy). Qantas hires wellness experts for its future ultra long haul flights, but it needs to lose fat itself. The 350ULR won't have many clients (a grand total of 2?). The CS300 is very nice (Paul knew that), the sandwiches to GVA too (Paul didn't). Garuda leaves London (for Amsterdam). The new ZRH A lounges were worth the wait (one year!!). BA thinks Q Suite, we aren't holding our breath yet. LHR T2 is the best LHR. AA long haul in coach might just edge BA (should we move our loyalty?). We like when pilots talk (including those who look like sailors in a Madrid bar). Proper Burning Morons (you'll get that one).