080 ZRH - Accidental liveries, getting Rouged, Primera Air hubris, onboard Oktoberfest, PrivatAir XL

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Summary: Flight 080. Are you getting Rouged, Levelled or Jooned? Toothpaste Pantone is the best livery color ever (hahaha). Alex falls in love with the CS100 and SWISS and ZRH (Paul can gloat now). Lufthansa brings draft beers in flight for Oktoberfest, and foam to its business seats (no, not beer foam). Were the livery painters of Cathay and Thomas Cook beer-drunk (no, but maybe were they millennials?). Paul experiences NBA players seats with PrivatAir. Alex talks about adorable airports, and whilst LCY isn't one, its departing flights delight. The BA Golden Ticket (no compromat here). The augmented reality of the ZRH observation deck (Sarah Connor?). Plane Talking UK podcast invites Paul (but gets an explicit rating in return, sorry guys). The Alitalia train…wreck (nice pun, Paul). The Trent neo-issues (bad pun that one). Paul doesn't recognize Margaery Tyrell (she was in 1A, he was in 1F). Canadians are our highest engaged listeners ever (thank you guys, seriously). And …WE'RE ON SPOTIFY!