077 HNL — ITA Matrix letdown, ANA inclusion, TSA powers, CDG Logan's Run, AF L seat, stolen Q400

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Summary: Flight 077. Google is making ITA Matrix suck, and they don't tell us why. Smart luggages are dying, yay. United elegantly ends its 747 program. US airlines shift their Asian hub strategy. Alitalia goes nowhere. A tank shell, a sex toy, a mistake, crazy security stories in German-speaking Europe. The TSA gets unlimited powers and secretly spies on fliers. The sad story of the stolen Q400 from SEA. CDG is the sequel to Logan's Run. From great food to a very French safety video, Air France still pleases (but why that L seat?). JAL buzzes loud for showers. Red Bull in the flight deck. Iron Maiden brings a Spitfire on stage. Delta and Virgin bring 230 US craft beers to London.