Liberty Conspiracy - 1-6-15 - Libertarians Were Right: Federal Auto Bailout LOSES CASH, FBI Claims It's FINE to Post Cell Towers + Spy, NYPD Work "Slow-Down" Shows the Majority of its Work Is Shakedown, Utah Govt Wants State Land Back from Feds

Liberty Conspiracy show

Summary: So much in this program. The title says a lot. If you would like further information about how we have been telling the truth re the auto bailout(s), you can hit our Podomatic or Itunes Libraries. Here are some links for you, going back three-and-a-half years: Here's one of our pods from 2012 that also covers this: And an even earlier one from 2012 (we started covering this in 2008) Gotta fly? Take us with you! These pods are made to be portable productions for liberty, so take us along! And tell folks you dig what we're doing! Music in this production includes: "Bad Life", by Public Image Limited, "Baddest of the Bad" by the Reverend Horton Heat, "Love Song", "Rabid" and "Wait For the Blackout" by the MIGHTY DAMNED! Want more on the bands? See them play live!! Gard Goldsmith on Twitter is @gardgoldsmith Be Seeing You!