Chapter 22: Little Bird Told Me the Podcast Novel by John Rhodes

Little Bird Told Me: A Mystic Podcast Novel and Audio Book show

Summary: Hello. This is John Rhodes with the 22nd chapter of my podcast novel, “Little Bird Told Me”, the chapter being entitled, “A Baby Falling from the Tree and the Powerful Police Action”. This chapter is very hopeful but I still have hope that we can elect a president as good as the one in this chapter. I’m hoping Barack Obama has a glimmer of the same openness to change that the president in this chapter has. He definitely is better than Hillary. I don’t think you can trust her when she openly says, “Obliterate Iran”. I was originally going to vote for Hillary because she seemed the better choice in that I thought that she, being more conservative, would get the Democratic vote. When I saw Obama doing well early on, I switched because I knew that Barack was more open to change. Please vote for Barack. I am not picking gender sides on this one, I just think Barack is much more creative in understanding political strategy, where Hillary is impulsive. Well, I used up all my time talking plugging Barack, but again, the comparison between him and the president in this chapter is fitting.