Chap. 18: Little Bird Told Me: A Mystic Podcast Novel and Free Audiobook

Little Bird Told Me: A Mystic Podcast Novel and Audio Book show

Summary: Hello. This is John Rhodes with chapter 18 of my podcast novel: Little Bird Told Me. It is entitled: "Planning for More Evidence, Maria's Real Parents, and Marriage". Detectives are not usually philosophers but in this book they get to share the nitty-gritty truths of this hip dou and help confirm their sublime truths for them. I think that when facts are properly presented, most anybody will believe in them as if they were everyday fact. I think this is something that the left doesn't employ enough. They try to transcend reason and logic, when they can use reason and logic to prove hidden and unobvious truths. This is what I call spiritually practical. In this chapter the couple in the book will talk about picking and choosing who can help them to help them prove or disprove who their real parents are. Isn't it true that peace and love should be something that the whole family should share...not something that should be just if it really only was something that was innate to rebellious waifs and Godhead? Of course there is also marriage in the plot, and I'll leave you to puzzle about that until you hear it. Again, let me remind you to consider buying my audio-novel, or text version; the audio version from , and the text version from . Please consider it more of a donation at this point, seeing as how you only have four chapters left until the end. Also watch my Mystic Babylon poetry podcast/TV from , or watch it on a big screen TV on San Francisco Local Comcast Channel 29 and 76. It re-runs 10 to 15 times a month on those channels . It is there called: Open Mic Poetry. It usually says the month of the show, and the schedule is only good for two to four days at a time. All this stuff I do I do it for free. Let's hope it becomes a stab in the back to those traditional publishers who take control of their authors and box them into little niches, where they have little control over their books. Expect another poetry book from me this summer. It will be called Mystic Babylon. Sorry to go on and on. I'll just let you listen. Adios!