Chap.16: Little Bird Told Me: A Mystic Podcast Novel and Free Audio-Book:

Little Bird Told Me: A Mystic Podcast Novel and Audio Book show

Summary: Hello again. This is John Rhodes and this is the 16th Chapter of my serial podcast novel and free audio book entitled, “Installing a Gas Plant in the Guru’s Ashram”. This chapter discusses the feasibility of manure gas plants on a small scale in India. I don’t want to go into too much detail about the plot, but obtaining methane from camel and cow manure in India and having the poor of India use it for cooking, rather than letting them burn their dry germ infested dung straight to cook their food, is a much better answer to finding a power source for the poor than what they have now. I don’t know whether it would be good on a large scale because larger plants than discussed in this book might affect the Co2 levels too much. I don’t think we can eliminate all Co2 sources, because plants need a definite amount of Co2 to grow. Pollution isn’t pollution, if it can be safely reabsorbed into the biosphere, which is what I propose in this chapter. I went to India in the late 70’s and saw for myself where they would have 60 foot high piles of dung saved up to use to cook their food with, it being very unsanitary. I hope you enjoy this mystic Indian chapter of my podcast novel. May I remind you that it would be highly appreciated if you bought this book as a token of your appreciation for my works from iTunes or . It will only put you back 7 or 8 dollars, and it will keep my publisher interested in my works. You might consider it as a donation to a starving artist. What ever you do, may the one that is within all of us be with you. Thanks, and enjoy the podcast.