ALONE Episode #33

Scott Sigler Audiobooks show

Summary: Now that the Generations Trilogy is complete it's time for our traditional Q & A. This the first installment, wrapping up next week with Q&A Part 2. As ever, this is your spoiler warning: during these Q & A sessions, Scott answers any and all questions about his books. Be forewarned there are questions about the CRYPT, the INFECTED series, the Galactic Football League and NOCTURNAL, in addition to questions about this series. Don't see a "play" button above? Click here to download. This exciting episode is brought to you in part by our Audible Free Trial page. On this episode we launch our new McMurdo Murderers t-shirt, as modeled by Junkie Tori, the FDØ, and Junkie Nelson! Check it out and snag yours here! The post ALONE Episode #33 appeared first on