Songwriter/Storyteller Evan Diamond

Scott Sigler Audiobooks show

Summary: Today we have an guest! Evan Diamond, band leader for Scott's band "Evan Diamond & The Library," joins us at Empty Set Studios to talk about the new EP Intersections, along with a host of other things.  We talk songwriting as storytelling, what it's like to play live and see folks react to your personal moments made musical, and listen to each song from Intersections. Plus a big announcement for those of you going to/considering SiglerFest 2k18! GIVEAWAY: SIGNED COPIES OF INTERSECTIONS Follow ze instructions and you could win the brand-new EP — hear the FDØ's bass playing with your own gosh-dang ears. To enter: Go to the Evan Diamond Facebook group Like the page Leave a comment on the Story Smack post and tell us a personal story that has something to do with any of the song titles on the EP. We're looking forward to hearing about your intersections, or how you're a bad guy … you get the idea. Don't see a "play" button above? Click here to download. This episode sponsored in part by our Audible Free Trial page.   The post Songwriter/Storyteller Evan Diamond appeared first on