072 ORD — A320 CTRL-ATL-DEL, LHR Tatooine, US ME3 deal, the Airbus A200, pilot poaching, AF no more?

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Summary: Flight 072. Rebooting a A320 in-flight. The 787 RR saga gets bigger, has BA un-retiring 747s. Toy Story and joyful liveries. Norwegian strategy stalls. An A330 slaps a A321 at IST. The US reaches an agreement with the ME3. Emirates and Bvlgari have more amenity kits that you can handle. Air France could get bankrupt this time. Heathrow has flights to the Death Star. Lufthansa blues. Airbus renames the Bombardier CS. Singapore gets better by the day. Alitalia might have gotten illegal money. Bluesmart, smart no more.