076 SEA — Alaska verdict, Southwest is nuts, JetBlue Mint dog, Trent woes, Delta colors, CA fires

layovers ✈︎ air travel and commercial aviation show

Summary: Flight 076. Alex flies Alaska (you've been waiting for that one!) and JetBlue, which one did he prefer? Norwegian flies the A380 thanks to Hi-Fly (but it's always late). Rolls-Royce registers huge losses, while airlines look to scrapyards to replace their 787s. Paul flies Delta, the violet uniforms don't match the blue seats. Alex sends Paul a gift from the Boeing factory (it's more than a sticker). California experiences massive fires, and DC-10s and the 747 supertanker are on-site. Southwest does away with peanuts (that's NUTS!). Boeing mulls the 797, whilst Airbus gleefully boasts its A321XLR. From United lying to passengers to American mistreating a cellist, some US airlines horror stories …but JetBlue saves the day (and an adorable dog). Air Canada takes the wrong turn. A dog opens a cargo door mid-flight …what?!