ALONE Episode #31

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Summary: Maddie, Bishop, Admiral Xander and the others have crash-landed their modified shuttle in the Dragon’s landing bay. The Dragon's ship-killing cannon will be in firing range of the Xolotl in five minutes – if Em and her friends are to save all of their people from certain death, they must detonate a nuke from inside of the enemy vessel. All of the action of the Generations Trilogy comes down to this final, critical moment. Will Maddie save her people? Don't see a "play" button above? Click here to download. This exciting episode is brought to you in part by our Audible Free Trial page. Did you get your 2018 Empty Set Dog of Døøm Siglerverse Calendar ? We're donating all profits to the #PondyStrong fundraising effort. Get yours here! The post ALONE Episode #31 appeared first on