5: An Integral Part of Tri-Cities History | Ginger Wireman of Hanford

Tri-Citizens show

Summary: I am happy to have Ginger Wireman on the show this month. Ginger is a community member who volunteers for local green and arts causes and educates the public about Hanford cleanup. Hanford is where the Tri-Cities we know today got its start, and I appreciated learning more about it. We also get into her background — what brought her to Tri-Cities and her time here. <br> Ginger is also running for Richland’s City Council, Position 4, so we talk a bit about her ideas for the Tri-Cities and what she would like to accomplish via that position. I very much enjoyed this interview, and I hope you do too!<br> Ginger Wireman<br> <br> * Campaign Information: <a href="http://gingerwireman4richland.info">gingerwireman4richland.info</a><br> * Campaign Facebook Page: <a href="https://www.facebook.com/VoteGinger4Richland/">facebook.com/VoteGinger4Richland</a><br> <br> Hanford<br> <br> * Hanford Website: <a href="http://www.hanford.gov">www.hanford.gov</a><br> * Department of Ecology: <a href="http://www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/nwp">www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/nwp</a><br> * Hanford Challenge: <a href="http://hanfordchallenge.org">hanfordchallenge.org</a><br> * Columbia River Keeper: <a href="http://columbiariverkeeper.org">columbiariverkeeper.org</a><br> * Heart of the American Northwest: hanfordcleanup.org<br> * Voices of the Manhattan Project: <a href="http://manhattanprojectvoices.org">manhattanprojectvoices.org</a><br> * PNNL-Hanford Online ENvironmental Information eXchange: <a href="http://phoenix.pnnl.gov">phoenix.pnnl.gov</a><br> * Manhattan Project B Reactor Tour:<a href="http://manhattanprojectbreactor.hanford.gov">manhattanprojectbreactor.hanford.gov</a><br> <br> Vote in the Primary Elections (August 1)<br> <br> * Benton County Elections: <a href="http://bentonelections.com">bentonelections.com</a><br> * Franklin County Elections: <a href="http://wei.sos.wa.gov/county/franklin">wei.sos.wa.gov/county/franklin</a><br> <br> Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed the podcast, please <a href="http://tricitizens.blubrry.com/subscribe/">subscribe</a> on Apple Podcasts or other podcast directory and leave a review. New episodes come out the third Monday of every month. And I’d love to hear from you! You can follow and contact the podcast <a href="http://tricitizens.blubrry.com/contact/">here</a>.<br>