Krynoid Podcast 026: The Curse of Peladon

Doctor Who: The Krynoid Podcast show

Summary: "Klokleda partha menin klatch,haroon haroon haroon,Klokleda sheenah tierra natch,haroon haroon haroon, Haroon haroon haroon..." What's all that about then? It's the Venusian lullaby from The Curse of Peladon of course. In the latest Krynoid Podcast, Jim and Martin take a look at this 1972 Pertwee 4-parter where the third Doctor gets a rare foray off Earth to help a mini-skirted King bring his world out of the dark ages, despite the best efforts of his troublesome High Priest. There are alien creatures galore including the return of the Ice Warriors, the mighty (or not so mighty) Aggedor, a goggle-eyed bogey in a jar... and then there's Alpha Centauri who I can't describe here as it may offend. Lend us your ears!