Think Like a Start Up! Disruption, Diversity and How to Not Drown in Change. Andrew Grill: The Practical Futurist

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Summary: Let’s face it, disruption…even if you are the one creating it…is messy. But of course if we had a crystal ball with which to see where things are going then we could be practical about our adaptation and get the most out of it. Our guest today is a man who speaks to audiences all around the world on the very subject of being practical about the future… Andrew Grill is the Practical futurist. He is an internationally renowned thought leader. Andrew is an expert in the fields of digital transformation, digital strategy and social media networks and speaks to, and consults for organizations world-wide to develop their strategy in a world rife with digital disruption. An experienced corporate leader, Andrew has launched and run technology companies in Europe and Australia and worked with some of the world’s leading companies and organizations including Vodafone, IBM, Nestle, British Airways, Barclays Bank, BBC, American Express, John Lewis, and Unilever. He is also a seasoned TEDx speaker, having presented at 3 separate TEDx events. Andrew regularly contributes to a wide range of media outlets including The Drum, Changeboard and ANZ BlueNotes. He’s appeared several times on Sky News, and has been published in the Financial Times, The Telegraph and the Guardian. More on Andrew Grill: More on hiring the host: Dov Baron