C.M. Mayo Reads Agustín Cadena's "Café San Martín," ALTA 2015

C.M. Mayo's Podcast (Marfa Mondays & More) show

Summary: For the American Literary Translators Association (ALTA) annual conference in Tucson, Arizona, at the Café Latino bilingual reading series at the Café Passé, C.M. Mayo reads "Café San Martin" by Mexican poet Agustín Cadena, together with her translation into English. This poem originally appeared in Cadena's collection Caceria de brujas, and the translation in Sarah Cortez's anthology, Goodbye Mexico. The MC is Alexis Levitin. Recorded on October 30, 2015. For more about ALTA www.literarytranslators.org For more about Agustín Cadena http://elvinoylahiel.blogspot.com For more about C.M. Mayo's translations http://www.cmmayo.com/pubs-translations.html