Message Mate: Esau: The Son Who Couldn’t Win

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Summary: Aug 31, 2012 - Sep 4, 2012 Genesis 25:20-34; 26:34-35; 27:5-28:9; Romans 15:4 Tucked away in numerous folds of the Old Testament are stories that have held the attention of Bible readers for centuries. Some intrigue us, and others encourage us. There are stories of heroism and incredible accomplishments along with stories of disappointment, sadness, and tragedy. If ever a book contained a human-interest emphasis, it's the Bible. This series uncovers some of those stories, including this one about a young man who seemed born to lose. Though a twin, he was quite the opposite of his younger brother and ultimately became the heartache of the family. Fascinating Stories of Forgotten Lives: Rediscovering Some Old Testament Characters read more