The 20MR Episode 109: Beginnings: Welcome Spring! Beginning a Running Program and Training Updates

The 20 Minute Runner show

Summary: Good to have you along for this episode. We continue the training as we bring you along for this run. This episode reminds us of the beginning of Spring, and perhaps the beginning of a running program. I share my ideas about how to approach this; I am literally beginning again as we speak, being into the 5th full week of my running reboot. I suggest using the FACT method: Frequency, Action, Core and Time. I hope you find it helpful. Also, be sure and connect with me through a myriad of social media links found on this homepage: Facebook, Twitter, The Daily Mile, Email, YouTube get the idea. And share the link with your running friends. I want to hear from them--and YOU! You can find the opening and closing theme music, "You'll Come Too" by Barefoot McCoy at Free Music Archive. It is used under a Creative Commons Liscense. You can also check out the