American Presidents Webinar: Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Summary: Franklin D. Roosevelt was the subject of Saturday, 13 February's American Presidents webinar. Professor Chris Burkett, of Ashland University, moderated the 80-minute discussion between Drs. Stephen Tootle and David Krugler, which focused on topics ranging from FDR's handling of the Great Depression in both political and policy terms to the controversies of his presidency, including the 'court packing' incident. Panelists also discussed FDR's relations with foreign powers during World War II, and discussed his impact on the country and the presidency. Over 90 teachers attended, posing a number of thoughtful questions. Our scholars recommend the following books on the subject: Freedom From Fear, David Kennedy Man of Destiny: FDR and the Making of the American Century, Alonzo Hamby Liberalism and its Challengers: From FDR to Bush, Alonzo Hamby Promised Land, Crusader State: The American Encounter with the World Since 1776, Walter McDougall You can access the video and documents archive for the FDR webinar here. Join us next month, on 5 March, for American Presidents: Dwight Eisenhower - Change at Home and Challenge Abroad. The post American Presidents Webinar: Franklin D. Roosevelt appeared first on Teaching American History.