Session 30 pt2: The Reagan Era and the New Deal Legacy; George W. Bush’s Founding Faith

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Summary: Focus Reagan seemed to campaign against Roosevelt's legacy, but delighted in pointing out that he voted for him four times. Yet, he seemed to be interested in cutting back the size of the federal government and making its programs less ambitious. What were his purposes in doing so? Was his failure to cut back the size of government due primarily to Reagan's policies during an era of "divided government," or rather more a reflection of FDR's success?   President Bush seems intent on arguing that his policies, both domestic and foreign, derive directly from the principles of the founding. He argues that self-government needs to be re-invigorated and places emphasis on the obligations of citizenship, and sometimes public spiritedness is difficult. He reminds us that citizenship is not a matter of birth and blood, but rather, "we are bound by ideals," and those ideals have to be learned. Is he right? Are his arguments about the philosophical and historical heritage he appeals to persuasive?   Readings: Ronald Reagan: Reagan, "A Time for Choosing" (October 27, 1964) Reagan, "Acceptance Speech" (July 17, 1980) Reagan, "First Inaugural Address" (January 20, 1981) Reagan, "Speech at Westminster" (June 8, 1982) Reagan, "Second Inaugural Address" (January 20, 1985) Reagan, "Farewell Address" (January 11, 1989) George W. Bush: Bush, "First Inaugural Address" (January 20, 2001) Bush, "Remarks at National Day of Prayer & Remembrance" (Sept. 14, 2001) Bush, "Thanksgiving Day Proclamation" (November 16, 2001) Bush, "Remarks to the George C. Marshall ROTC Award Seminar on National Security at Virginia Military Institute" (April 17, 2002) Bush, "Commencement Address to the United States Military Academy at West Point" (June 1, 2002) Bush, "State of the Union Address" (January 28, 2003) Bush, "Speech to the National Endowment for Democracy" (Nov. 6, 2003) Bush, "State of the Union Address" (January 20, 2004) Bush, "Second Inaugural Address" (January 20, 2005) Bush, "President Celebrates Independence Day in West Virginia" (July 4, 2005)   The post Session 30 pt2: The Reagan Era and the New Deal Legacy; George W. Bush’s Founding Faith appeared first on Teaching American History.