Novelist Ani Alexander–Episode 55–August 26 2015

WRITER 2.0: Writing, publishing, and the space between show

Summary: On episode 55 of the WRITER 2.0 Podcast, I spoke with novelist and podcaster Ani Alexander. We discussed:<br> <br> * the origin of her unique, beautiful accent;<br> * how she learned so many languages;<br> * why she left corporate life;<br> * what went wrong with her first self-published novel;<br> * the process of self-publishing with Amazon;<br> * the importance of keywords for book discoverability.<br> <br> You can find Ani’s website <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>. And don’t forget to check out the Write 2B Read Podcast <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.<br> About our guest:<br> <a href=""></a>Ani Alexander has been writing since her teenage years. But she set writing aside for a while and entered into an 11-year corporate career. Now she is a self-published author and creator and host of the Write 2B Read podcast.<br>