Food Stamps to a $10,000 Month with Paranormal Author Rebecca Patrick-Howard–Episode 65–October 7 2015

WRITER 2.0: Writing, publishing, and the space between show

Summary: On episode 65 of the WRITER 2.0 Podcast I spoke with bestselling paranormal author Rebecca Patrick-Howard, who just enjoyed her first $10,000 month as a self-published author. We discussed:<br> <br> * the closest she got to signing with a traditional publisher;<br> * whether there’s still a stigma attached to self-published authors;<br> * how she used Facebook to market her books;<br> * the trend of publishing frequent, short books on Amazon;<br> * the Halloween movie that inspired her as a kid;<br> * using non-fiction to build your fiction audience;<br> * her new Kentucky Witches series, which starts with <a href=";ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1444242535&amp;sr=1-2&amp;keywords=broom+with+a+view" target="_blank">A BROOM WITH A VIEW</a>.<br> <br> Plus, on Today in Writing, Schindler’s List.<br> About our guest:<br> <a href="">Rebecca Patrick-Howard’s</a> real biography isn’t nearly as interesting as the one she’s made up in her head so she’ll leave you with that one:<br> At the age of 3, her family sold her to a band of traveling gypsies. Forced to become a bareback rider in the circus, she spent her younger years traveling the country, living out of suitcases and selling macrame keychains on the side. At the age of 16 she became a professional yodeler but, after winning the international yodeling competition in Switzerland at 19, decided to retire at the height of her career.<br> Now, she and her husband (an organic rutabaga farmer from Wales) live in an isolated cabin in eastern Kentucky where they play with a local mariachi band every Friday night, are involved with a murder mystery dinner theater club, and enjoy making origami owls.<br>