Lisa McDonald; Author and Host of "Living Fearlessly"

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Summary: Lisa McDonald; is the queen of hustle! She is author of three bestselling children’s books: Little Boy Gan: From Passion-Filled Everland; Reimburse the Universe and Planet Pome-Granite. She wears many hats. A successful author, motivational speaker, tv and radio host, personal development coach, mentor and mother of two. There’s never a dull moment in her Ontario, Canada life. Lisa is the author of three bestselling. She recently contributed a chapter to the International nonfiction Bestseller, 365 Days of Grace. On her weekly radio talk show, which reaches 145 countries and is available for podcast listeners to download via iTunes, Lisa interviews a variety of newsmakers, leaders, authors and celebrities. Recent guests have included, Deepak Chopra, Leeza Gibbons, David Suzuki, Sesame Street’s Bob McGrath and leadership expert, Dov Baron. As a result of getting exceptionally clear with her passions and goals, Lisa’s career has taken off; collaborating with creative like-minded people and embracing one phenomenal opportunity after another. This fall, Lisa will embark on her greatest professional and personal adventure when she launches her newly branded “Living Fearlessly” talk show and website and book. In addition to her own shows, Lisa will be the co-host of a new talk show on Pirate Radio; joining legal analyst and television commentator, Larry Levine behind the mike. In her personal and professional life, Lisa walks the walk and talks the talk, by exercising daily gratitude, paying it forward and being of service to others. She shares the message that the key to success and happiness comes through learning how to LIVE LIFE FEARLESSLY! More on Lisa McDonald: More on the Host Dov Baron: