Bernie Swain: "What Made Me Who I Am!"

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Summary: Bernie Swain has had the most intimate conversations with some of the worlds most influential people. Presidents, Prime ministers, Colin Powell, Terry Bradshaw, Tom Brokow, Allen Greenspan, CondoLeeza Rice, sports legends, andmany more. Bernie is the co-founder and Chairman of Washington Speakers Bureau. Which is the Largest Speaking agency in the world. Having represented the last 4 Prime Ministers of Great Britain, 3 of the last 4 presidents of the United States and very high profile speakers countless American and world leaders, business and economic visionaries, journalists, authors, and sports legends. Today, Swain remains Chairman of Washington Speakers Bureau, and he says: When you actually get to know, the way he did, the truly successful and accomplished people, you will often find a turning point. It may be a person in their life, a moment in time, or an unexpected event. It may be more intangible, such as the expectations set by others, or something that totally surprises you. Bernie Swain says: success and accomplishment don’t happen in a vacuum; they rise from experiences that have a profound and lasting influence. When you ask these successful and accomplished individuals about their turning points and listen carefully, you will often hear truly enlightening and inspirational stories—stories that can serve as a shining beacon of light to us all… and that’s what he’s hear to share with us today For more, visit on the Host Dov Baron: