Ariel Halevi "Human Communication Gnome”"The power of Schmoozing"

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Summary: On This Episode: Ariel Halevi "Human Communication Gnome” "The power of Schmoozing" Communication, every leader knows that it's a vital skill for any leader. But very few know how to successfully do it. Born in Israel in 1975, Ariel is a founding partner of VAYOMAR ( – a leading solution provider for interpersonal communication related challenges. VAYOMAR specializes in areas of persuasion and influence without authority in large enterprises. With its 80 employees and offices in Tel Aviv, NYC and MexicoCity, VAYOMAR is the vendor of choice to leading international brands such as eBay, HP, Siemens, Microsoft, Google, etc. The company’s K-12 education division is currently a formal part of over 300 public and private school’s curriculum throughout Israel, providing weekly classes to nearly 50,000 young adults – thus equipping them with critical 21st century life skills. VAYOMAR’s vision is to map the “Human Communication Gnome” in a way that allows for quantifiably measuring an individual’s Communication Skills Intelligence. To this end, VAYOMAR has spent the past 15 years mapping interpersonal communication patterns and creating models such as:  How to build a winning 60 second pitch about your venture.  Small Talk? How about “BIG Talk” – the power of schmoozing.  Management meetings – from status updates to strategic discussions.  The science of professional relationship management.  Winning presentations – build and deliver impactful and memorable presentations. Ariel holds a BA in Government and Diplomacy and an MA in the study of Homeland Security and Counter-Terrorism – both from the prestigious IDC in Israel. During his BA studies Ariel was Captain of the IDC’s renowned debate club, winning the title of “Best Speaker” in Israel two years in a row and, with his debate partner and current business partner, Mr. Gur Braslavi, become the first Israel debate team to win the OxBridge Debate Championships. More about Ariel Halevi: More on the Host Dov Baron: