The B*A*R*N Bubba Army Radio Network 02/15/07

B*A*R*N show

Summary: "For the Army, by the Army!" Canadian, FTE, & SANDMAN SUPERMARK Pin69 claims the first ever limited edition SANDMAN MARK T Shirt from the phone in contest. He brings it straight from the heart with a SOLID Rendition Cash style! It's not to late Bubbaettes and two shirts remain to be claimed,but time is running out. Call 1-866-646-7083 take a shot at a Collectors Edition T. Split Nixon hails from Ashland Kentucky and they bust into the B*A*R*N to deliver some wicked licks and vocals with two tracks "Broke" & "Explode" Thanks to Brian,Jamie,Jason,& Scott!! You can check out Split Nixon @ SAY IT! and spread the word and buy a CD and a T Shirt.. Oh yeah..Bubba had a show on Sirius, and Mini Norm, Sandman, Lerch MsRedneck Midgetmark & Mongo talk about it. Congrats to Howard and Beth as the King of Media commits to make an honest woman of the beautiful super-model. Other topics include the resurgence of a discussion of the WGAS pissoff, and Midgetmark ranting on homophobia (Hey just for fun count the FBombs) MsRedneck promises a Hayloft next week (keep in mind that she has been working hard bringing in all the great music) Good times ...It's the B*A*R*N The Bubba Army Radio Network...... #31