IRIS | Famine in Mozambique and Malawi

IRIS Global Video | Rolland & Heidi Baker show

Summary: People in Mozambique, Malawi, and the surrounding regions are experiencing severe food shortages. Heavy rains in northern Mozambique have washed away seeds and crops of subsistence farmers. Without a harvest, the farmers and their families have no income and no food to provide for themselves. Widespread drought in Malawi, central and southern Mozambique, and South Africa has also caused crops to fail and food prices to spike. That combined with currency devaluations and political unrest have created the perfect storm for an already vulnerable community. Many have resorted to foraging for roots and berries in the forests and lily bulbs from the banks of crocodile infested rivers. Our Iris Centers in the region are responding to the crisis by adjusting their programs to provide relief to the most affected people in their communities. They are buying food, cooking meals, and bringing the Gospel of Jesus to villages in need. You can join us in the relief effort through your prayers and generosity.