SNS UnPlugged Ep 75 “Fallout 4 February!” 02-13-16


Summary: <a href=""></a><br> For the first time in 2016, Unplugged returned to the SNS Radio Network with Mr. Money On The Mic Jeff Jackson, and BronxZilla Tony J. Mirabella. We started the show with JJ revealing he has an addiction. To Fallout 4! JJ spoke in depth about his experiences playing the game, and some dastardly deeds he committed, one of which will leave you in shock! We then moved on to the Royal Rumble. Both Bronx and JJ booked the ending completely differently, but both agreed that the WWE could definitely have done better. After completely burying the Raw commentary team, our hosts moved on to other topics, such as Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Wrestlemania. We also talked about the injuries in the WWE, and how talent may have to slow it down a bit. To end the show, we covered some current events, including CM Punk’s injury which will once again delay his MMA debut. Bronx even traveled to Earth 2 and brought back live audio from his first fight, which will happen on Earth 1 in the year 2053. Titus O’neil’s suspension was covered, and both JJ and Bronx agreed it went WAY too far. We closed with Daniel Bryan’s shocking and sudden retirement, and even talked some Flash. The band is back together with Unplugged, only on the SNS Radio Network.<br>