The Pro Wrestling Rewind 02-17-2016


Summary: <a href=""></a><br> With The Power Andy Knowles off on a secret mission for truth and justice, BronxZilla Tony Mirabella took the reins this week and hosted the Pro Wrestling Rewind solo! Bronx started off by going over this past week’s Monday Night Raw leading into the Fastlane special event on the WWE Network. Bronx admitted that he has been down on Raw lately, and the WWE product in general. But, he did point out some positives we can look forward to going into this Sunday. After the break, T talked extensively about TNA. Yes! TNA, and how they are giving away Lockdown free next week. For some this might be shocking, but Bronx actually defended TNA to an extent! The last segment was dedicated to news, including a story that was really disturbing to Tony, wherein Ronda Rousey talked about how she actually thought about suicide after her recent MMA loss, the announcement that Wade Barrett is leaving WWE, and how some wrestlers’ social media accounts reacted to the news. Bronx then broke down the Fastlane card, giving his predictions. A unique show with BronxZilla going solo, sponsored as always by Evil Seed Sauces. Go over to <a href=""></a> and give them a try! Join us here every week for the Pro Wresting Rewind on the SNS Radio Network!<br>