The Pro Wrestling Rewind 03-02-2016


Summary: <a href=""></a><br> As we start a new month, the Power Andy Knowles and BronxZilla Tony Mirabella brought you their own version of March Madness with the Pro Wrestling Rewind. We started off paying tribute to the late, great JSK of Wrestling News Live fame. Both hosts showed their appreciation for this iconic wrestling radio personality, and what he meant to our business and the history of wrestling radio. The hosts talked about the WWE Network event Roadblock, and what might happen between Ambrose and Triple H! We then moved on to TNA, and Andy is STILL hot over the fans’ reaction to EC3! We got a little crazy promoting our sponsor, and then we talked some CLASSIC tag team wrestling! Yes, sorry Vince! We actually talked about when the tag team division was good! We closed the show with Andy reading a column from the Bleacher Report about Roman Reigns. Bronx liked the column, but disagreed on some points. So, check it out right here on the SNS Radio Network, and visit our sponsor, Evil Seed Sauces over at<br>